After school activities offered vary from term to term. As such, the items below may not be current. Please contact the school for an updated list of activities.

Pupils will work on a variety of Art and Craft activities using a wide range of materials. These may include drawing, painting, three-dimensional sculpting, weaving and investigation of found materials. Projects will be a mixture of teacher and pupil led ideas, and usually run for one or two sessions. These sessions are designed to develop children’s artistic skills, creativity and confidence in various art form(s).

Students will be exposed to different Microsoft Office software such as Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Windows Movie Maker. They will learn how to effectively and creatively use these programmes to produce Brochures, animated PowerPoint Presentations and Movies.

This class will involve building confidence to use movement to express themselves, use space, build flexibility, strength, technique, agility, co-ordination, control and balance through a variety of different dance styles resulting in a performance in the final week.

Providence’s Cross Country afterschool programme consists of comprehensive activities and exercises to help students make running fun while developing important movement skills. The skill sets include pacing, posture & attitude, proper arm and leg running positions. All in preparation for our school’s cross country and the National Primary School Cross Country Meet.

Our football club for our junior boys and girls combines strength, stamina and footwork. The focus is on basic skills, drills and short games on our outdoor front soccer field. Sessions incorporate proper technique infused with fun, fast paced activities. These activities help foster confidence in team sports in a friendly and safe environment. Students are encouraged to explore their range of motion, foot eye coordination and enjoy the game.

We offer pupils a calm and supportive environment in which to complete their homework. There are always teachers on hand in the club to help pupils and answer questions. By 4pm most pupils have all their homework complete so don’t have to do anything but relax when they got home.

Students will learn how to speak Russian and/or Ukrainian language. They also will learn Russian and Ukrainian traditions and culture.