Objective:  To provide an environment where every student can learn and play, free from disruption and interference by others.
Scope:        Students, Parents and Faculty.
Policy:        All students are expected to:

Be respectful

to their peers and all adults in the building

of school property and property of others

by using good manners

by listening when someone else is speaking

by using appropriate language at all times

by being courteous

by not bullying other students

by showing kindness

by being considerate of the feelings of others

by helping and supporting others

Be responsible and cooperative

by making good decisions

by setting a good example

by accepting the consequences for their actions

by considering the safety of self and others

by doing what is right

by working hard and doing their best

by demonstrating good study habits

by being prepared for classes

by following directions and procedures

by working together as a team

by following rules

Be trustworthy

by being honest

by being dependable

by being a good friend